CPAA Performing AwardIntroduction - The beautiful Bay Area and its famous City of San Francisco encompassing the world-famous Silicon Valley are renowned for their diversity. The diversity has contributed to the area’s strength both in business and in quality of life. The Bay Area has the largest population of Chinese-descent in the US, and they have preserved many aspects of the Chinese heritage: authentic Chinese cuisines, visual and performing arts, acupuncture, herbal medicine, tai chi, etc. In Silicon Valley, thousands of Chinese of first and second generations working in the hi-tech industries are influenced by the Confucius philosophy of high respect to academic achievements. However, Chinese cultural identity is ambiguous to many citizens, including Chinese Americans. As global economy and world politics grow, there is a need to understand the culture of the 20% world population, and the 10% Chinese Americans in the Bay Area serve as a bridge between the East and the West.

CPAA (Chinese Performing Arts of America) - Founded in Silicon Valley as a nonprofit organization since 1991, CPAA is chartered to introduce Chinese culture as an integral part of the American society through performing arts. CPAA presents these arts of exceptional beauty and richness so that these cultural treasures can be shared by the world. Entertainment as well as education is the criteria for CPAA’s performances. Audience will find the programs delightful, enchanting, and inspiring. It’s a wonderful way to experience the highlights of the Chinese culture without traveling to China.

CPAA is the only company in the US with the artistic resources to produce professional and diverse Chinese performing arts programs on an ongoing basis. In the last two decades, CPAA has served over 20,000 audiences every year in the Bay Area. To expand CPAA’s audience beyond the Bay Area, the company’s flagship production Dances of China – a Journey of 5,000 Years which comprises Dragon King and other CPAA’s original works is on national tours including California, Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Washington State, New York, Massachusetts, Alaska, British Columbia, and Ontario, winning the standing ovation to establish CPAA an acclaimed arts company at a national level.

The Artists - CPAA's principal performers are professionally trained artists from China. They form the core of the performing company under the direction of the artistic team:

Artistic Director Yong Yao, Award winning choreographer
Music Director Phil Young, Award winning composer
Costume Designer Ching Shyu, Award winning Visual artist

Dancers: Ling Gao, Yang Yang, Xingjiu Liu, Zhou Hui, Jiwen Dong, Pearl Wang, Yaqin Han, Rongke Guo, Yan Liu, Christina Cheng, Virginia Jian
Beijing Opera Artists: Lifang Wang, Jihai Sun, Yi Guan, Ying Chao Zhang
Vocalists: Weiguang Dang , Sherlin Chan, Annie Cao
Martial Art/Dancers: Li Yong Zhang, Yang Li, Liang Ding, Yun Ying Liu, Fei chen
Instrumentalists: Yong Ping Tian, Ximing Sun, Chiffon Fu, Yun Fei Yang
Magician: Michael Stroud

Major Operations:

(1) Company productions and presentations - For CPAA’s annual major productions since 1992, CPAA's repertoire is abundant, diverse, colorful, and powerful. It includes dance, music, martial arts, acrobatic, etc., and many are CPAA's original works. CPAA’s annual major event is Spring Festival Silicon Valley during the Lunar New Year celebration season. The celebration is a series of programs including the SFSV Gala with CPAA’s new work, the SVIAC Competitions, the Food & Arts Festival, Painting/Calligraphy Exhibits.

(2) Art training center for youth

(3) Incubator of multi-discipline and multi-culture for local organizations and artists

(4)The International cultural exchange programs within Silicon Valley and abroad.

(5) Contracted performances from 5-minute to full-production tailored to the theme and the stage size of your need.