Cybersecurity Data Analytics with Intuitive UI

Narus / Boeing
Full set of expertise in wireframes, customer journeys, personas, concepts, visual designs & prototypes with pixel perfect
Customers comments on nSystem: unique and valuable
• NO ONE offers the level of visibility without the extreme hardware requirement provided by other systems
• The ability to understand threats at the application level is unmatched in the market
• The combination of security and surveillance functions is not found in any other product
The user interface is intuitive which leads customers to believe this will be an easy to use platform

Dynamic Interactive Prototype | UI/UX Guidelines | RSA 2014 Demo

login UI
surveillance UI design
surveillance monitors popup with color coordination
sureveillance UI - email
security UI design
Policies documents with signatures
Policy Profile template create popup
alerts UI design
alert watchlist detail save as popup
alert behavior UI
alert  DLP with save to case file
cases UI
appScout classification pies & charts
appScout mobile categories UI
mobile categories popup